Companies that produce automated 2D and 3D graphics for live TV were out in force at NAB with a range of new products and technologies.

Harris introduced its Inscriber G7 HD/SD graphics and animation system for live, real time 2D and 3D animations and HD graphics over two channels. It also released the G-Scribe 2D/3D product for graphics creation and play out and the Inscriber MOS Version 4 for creating template based graphics for insertion into the news rundown.

Harris vice president of operations Richard Scott said: We have a number of freelance creative people on board that help us develop these graphics, and although this has been a low key area in the past it is one we are really looking to push going forward.”

Snell and Wilcox showcased the capabilities of version 4 of its Impakt DVE (digital video effects) including film effects, global lighting, flag waves and window blind effects - as well as 30 filmic effects that apply scratch damage, blemishes, sepia colour, fading and other looks.

Chyron launched web-based graphics production services such as FastMaps map creation, FastQuotes and FastCharts for creating graphics with up to date stock quotes and news data.

Dayang debuted the D4-CG live, which delivers high-end CG for real time HD/SD graphics, including preview mode, infinite layering, dynamic 3D animation and text effects.

VizRT also launched updates to Viz Curious Maps, including enhanced maps labelling, unlimited camera movements through animations within the map, and more detailed map layers. It also unveiled Viz Quattro for creating fully animated graphics containing multiple videos from a single desktop.