NAB 2014: Abekas is introducing version 5.0 of its software for the Mira Instant Replay and Mira Production multi-channel video servers

Available as a free upgrade for all existing Mira customers, Mira software will provide support for native recording of AVC-Intra-encoded media at both 50Mb/s and 100Mb/s data rates.

Both versions of Mira will now support AMP protocol over Ethernet, allowing Mira video channels to be controlled across a facility’s local area network.

Mira Instant Replay servers receive an improved GUI with larger PGM displays and a countdown timer display.

The timer provides a technical director with a clear status of the playback of events in a playlist. 

New features have also been added to the playlist capabilities of Mira Instant Replay including dual playlist playback on two separate program outputs and playlist naming.

A separate auxiliary audio track can now provide a music bed or voice over to any playlist.   

In addition to existing support for embedded audio, AES audio is now available via DB25 connectors conforming to Tascam Digital or AES59-2012 standards.

A new integrated audio routing feature allows any embedded or AES audio input to be recorded on any or all video channels. The company claimed this would dramatically simplify the configuration and cabling of audio connections. 

Abekas chief executive Junaid Sheikh said: “Mira Instant Replay has become a major player for in-venue broadcasting and Mira Production is the workhorse video server for live studio production for tier-one broadcasters.

“The new features in version 5.0 are in response to customer feedback and make both versions of Mira even more powerful.”