The NEP Group has snapped up OB companies Outside Broadcast and RecordLab TV and Media as the US-headquartered firm continues with its recent run of acquisitions.

Based in Belgium, Outside Broadcast provides OB services and studio production through its Insight Studios division. It also supplies ENG kit, news crews and post-production services through its Mediasense operation.

RecordLab, which is based in Germany, provides outside broadcast services for the sports and entertainment industries.

In February, NEP acquired Ireland’s Screen Scene Group. That deal was followed by an announcement earlier this month that it had agreed to buy Sweden-based OB firm Mediatec Group.

NEP chief executive Kevin Rabbitt said: “This deal will greatly expand NEP’s presence in Europe, including Germany – which we view as a very important market - and offer a great opportunity for us to work with [Outside Broadcast managing director Timo Koch] to continue to grow Outside Broadcast as part of NEP.”  

The Outside Broadcast and RecordLab and Mediatec deals will both be finalized tomorrow, NEP said.

With Mediatec, Outside Broadcast and RecordLab part of NEP, the company said it can now offer 110 HD outside broadcast units, HD flypacks, satellite uplink trucks, smaller camera systems specialty and wireless cameras and post-production facilities in Dublin, Oslo, Helsinki, Zurich, Munich and Leuven as well as studio facilities in Los Angeles, New York, Connecticut, London, Sydney, Melbourne, Oslo, Helsinki and Brussels.

Outside Broadcast was majority-owned by BNP Paribas Fortis Private Equity Expansion NV (BNPPFPE) following a management buy-out led by Koch in 2006.

BNPPFPE then acquired Mediasense, Insight Studios and RecordLab.