NAB 2015: NewTek has introduced new software for its TriCaster video production systems, with more than 60 new major capabilities and enhancements.

Features include automated real-time data-driven graphics, new IP workflows, advanced automation, multi-platform streaming, social and web publishing, in-show replay features, enhanced multimedia mixing and sophisticated production elements.

The system converts raw data and metadata from both internal and external sources into production-ready graphics in real-time using DataLink, and can retrieve and update information like sports stats, election results, weather updates, social media feeds and sales reports automatically or on-demand.

For live streaming to multiple platforms, the software offers direct integration with Microsoft Azure, YouTube Live and Twitch. It also supports fully integrated audio through Dante Virtual Soundcard networking from Audinate on every audio input.

Users can add transitions with embedded full colour overlays and sound between playlist media, and combine real-time, slow-mo, and fast-mo with per-clip playback speed settings. There’s also the ability to transition backward and forward in the playlist for presentations, real-time clip editing in the DDR and improved and fine-tuned sound mixing, external audio integration, precise audio levels, and monitoring.

The system can capture and replay highlights with on-screen controls and fully configurable replay settings, including colourful custom in and out wipes with sound effects.

Users can enhance virtual sets with Augmented Reality options for KEY layers, as well as design and add borders and shadows to make bordered, editable overlays, backgrounds, and custom multi-box effects. The system offers full motion pre-visualisation tools provide animated transition and effect previews before they are taken live.

Intelligent M/Es automatically configure themselves for Mix or Effect operations, while users can also enable automatic adjustments to input colour characteristics, matching to a specific camera or approximating the settings of all incoming signals. A new Blue Only option complements integrated scopes and extensive proc amp features, while SDI Auto-Detect eliminates the need to configure connections.

TriCaster Advanced Edition is available as a one-time purchase at $1,495 and is compatible with TriCaster 8000, TriCaster 860, TriCaster 460, TriCaster 410 and TriCaster Mini. International pricing will vary.