Nickelodeon UK is installing a tapeless playout system at its Rathbone Place HQ that will deal with its channels' graphics, editing and transmission processes from a single box the size of a DVD player.

Instead of opting for a traditional transmission set-up that relies on large separate systems, Nickelodeon has opted for a NEXUS-avs advanced video server that offers built-in audio, video and graphics capabilities for DTV channel playout and branding.

The bespoke system was developed jointly between the broadcaster and NEXUS-avs creator PubliTronic and replaces an existing playout set-up based around Harris and Pinnacle technology. It will be rolled out across all Nickelodeon channels between now and the end of February.

According to Nickelodeon, the new system will save 40%on service charges compared with a conventional broadcasting system. It will also provide many extra benefits including improved productivity, freeing up of office space and low power consumption.

“Systems like this are the future of broadcasting technology,” explained Nickelodeon UK vice president, operations director Remi Abayomi. “It is both HD and broadband compatible and works for almost any new platform, which means that the possibilities of designing, building and launching a new channel are easier than ever. The limitation is no longer the technology, it's the imagination of the creative team.”

NEXUS-avs provides playout in conjunction with PubliTronic Cobalt automation, as a stand-alone product or under the control of third party products.

PubliTronic technology is also used by QVC and MTV.