NEP Visions has landed the plum role of exclusively covering the royal wedding ceremony from inside Westminster Abbey - but the event is so large that nearly all the UK’s OB firms are involved, with SIS LIVE claiming to be supplying more facilities than any other.

Organised by the BBC, NEP will cover the service inside the Abbey and the pictures will be made available to ITN, which is supplying HD coverage to Sky News, ITV and international broadcasters.

The OB company is also producing the BBC’s live feed of the queen’s visit to the Abbey on Maundey Thursday, and its HD4 truck will be in situ for two weeks prior to the event.

More than 20 manned and fixed NEP cameras will be rigged in the Abbey, including 14 specialised cameras built and installed by SIS LIVE. One will be mounted on the ceiling, providing an overhead shot.

Outside, ITN, Sky and the BBC will cover the processional route from vantage points on Buckingham Palace and buildings around Admiralty Arch.

Arena TV is deploying two trucks and helicopters for pooled shots, while ITN has called on vans from CTV, Telegenic, Prolink and Visions.

SIS LIVE is supplying six OB units, a specialist sound truck, 13 uplink units and an array of RF communications including 13 radio cameras.

Most of its 40 satellite uplink trucks are contracted for clients including TV2DK, NBC News, Dome Productions and France Televisions.