The coming year will be pivotal for 3D TV, according to leading figures from the sector.

Sky does not have broadcast rights to this year’s European Football Championships or the London 2012 Olympics, but director of 3D John Cassy said the events could provide a major boost for the emerging technology at a time when the price of 3D TVs is set to fall.

“If one or both of those events are covered in 3D it will be big for the sector. But regardless, prices for 3D TVs will drop rapidly” he told Broadcast.

“We expect another 1.8 million 3D TVs to be sold in 2012, so there will be a sizeable opportunity for broadcasters to get involved.”

Jon Lee, technical director at 3D specialist BTV Post, said the next 12 months could be “make or break” for 3D.

“We need to see a middle ground met between high-budget film and documentary 3D and volume stereo 3D programming,” he said. “The gap now is too wide and audiences mustn’t be left to tune out through lack of content.”