Test and measurement manufacturer OmniTek has sold a picture quality analyser to BT.

The OmniTek PQA is a full-reference product which performs detailed analysis of images in all SD and HDTV formats in order to establish the exact level of image degradation through a processing path.

It has been designed for use in a variety of different engineering environments in addition to production line tests.

“Research laboratories all over the world are using the PQA for development of new algorithms and techniques for image compression,” said Roger Fawcett, managing director at OmniTek. “In addition, broadcasters are using the system to get real-time analysis of the total image degradation through a transmission path, from studio output to consumer set-top box.”

The PQA can compare images and sequences from live SDI inputs or from data files stored on disk or transferred over a network.

The system has an automatic time delay compensation capability, to line up reference and test signals with different time offsets.

The PQA is used by R&D companies developing new codec technologies, by broadcasters comparing the quality of different tape formats or archival systems, and by transmission engineers measuring picture degradation through a lossy transmission path.

Omnitek is the product division of Image Processing Techniques Ltd, a UK consultancy company providing electronics design services to the broadcast and post-production industries. Customers have included Sony Broadcast, Tandberg, Harris, Wolfson, Pandora, Cine-tal and Quartz.