Production facilities company Onsight has teamed up with Sony to build and operate a flypack for three 3D camera rigs for Sky.

Onsight chief technology officer Richard Mills, BSkyB chief engineer Chris Johns and Sony’s Professional Services division designed the system, which will be used to produce live and recorded coverage of entertainment and sport events for the broadcaster’s 3D channel.

It is the first 3D flypack Sony has built.

Mills said: “Sony P1 cameras mounted on 3ality Technica Pulsar 3D rigs will provide a flexible solution for standalone documentary and multi-camera live event coverage.”

Four of the rigs can be connected via a fibre-optic cable to a production gallery with 3D vision mixing, monitoring and communications.

Johns added: “The modular nature of the 3D flypack system allows for a simple and more coherent use of what is sometimes seen as a complex acquisition toolset.”

Onsight has provided production and post facilities forSky 3D productions including Flying Monsters with David Attenborough (pictured) and The Bachelor King.