The cost of the recording media which slots into Panasonic P2 cameras has been reduced following new releases from Panasonic and Fuijifilm.

Panasonic is shipping a new line up of P2 E Series cards of 16GB and 32GB capacity priced around £250 and £385 respectively. That’s considerably lower than current prices where a 32GB card costs around £1000. A 64GB E Series card is scheduled to launch in the autumn costing around £620.

The reductions match the competitive prices of Fujifilm’s recently launched lower-cost E-Series 16GB and 32GB P2 cards.

The E Series cards are reusable for up to five years when recorded on daily, at full capacity. They offer faster transfer rates, of up to 1.2 gigabits per second, when used with compatible hardware, thanks to a newly developed high-speed memory controller.

The memory cells in Panasonic’s 800Mbps A-Series cards are claimed to offer “an extended lifetime” as they use more expensive, more reliable memory cells.