Sony and Panasonic have joined forces to launch the successor to Blu-ray which they hope will grow the market for long-term, optical storage.

The launch of Archival Disc is the result of the manufacturers’ partnership to develop a standard for professional-use optical discs, which was announced in July last year.

Both firms now plan to launch systems with a recording capacity of 300GB per disc from summer 2015.

They also want to expand the recording capacity per disc to 1TB.

Disc specs:

Disc size (type)300 GB (write-once)
Optical parameterWavelength λ=405 nm (nanometers), Numerical Aperture NA=0.85
Disc structureDouble-sided Disc (3 layers/side), Land and Groove Format
Track pitch0.225μm (micrometers)
Data bit length79.5nm (nanometers)
Error correction methodReed-Solomon Code