Panasonic has released a successor to its AVCCAM AG-AC90 camcorder.  

The AG-AC90A has the same three 1/4.7-type CMOS sensors as its predecessor, but also includes two new recording options: “PM mode”, which captures video at 1280x720 and 8Mbps and is intended to support uses such as sports analysis, and “CS mode”, which records at 720x480 3.5Mbps for IP usage.

Panasonic European product marketing manager Nela Pertl said: “These new features give a camera operator the field of view, image quality and file formats needed to meet today’s demanding video production requirements.

“The camera has some useful new functions such as slot-to-slot card copy capability, freeze frame, date and time superimpose, variable white balance and various marker displays that will allow improved usability and will broaden the potential application for the camera.”

It also supports Eye-Fi cards (SD and SDHC memory cards with wi-fi capability) for sending data to a PC or uploading to a cloud server via a mobile router.

The AG-AC90A is available now for around £1,440 (€1,800).

Existing AG-AC90 users can upgrade using firmware available at the Panasonic website.