Interactive design company MagneticNorth has won its third BBC web commission with Pinball, a series of applications that aim to unlock creative thinking.

Visually, it takes the iconic look of a pinball machine and applies it to different forms of mind-mapping to ‘bounce’ ideas around.

Within four ‘zones’ - Wild Reels, Drop Zone, Dot Dash and Snap Shot - users can jot down their ideas, organise them, upload images and phrases in a variety of ways. Dot Dash, for example, creates a mind map that can be reshuffled in various ways, while Drop Zone sorts words, pictures and phrases according to gut instinct.
Ideas generated within each zone can be ‘flipped’, pinball-style, into any of the other areas.

The applications will be used internally at the BBC to generate new content ideas and have been designed to help writers, artists, teachers and businesses think creatively.

MagneticNorth was also behind the BBC’s Memoryshare website and BBC Earth, a project for BBC Worldwide.

Production companies BBC Scotland, MagneticNorth

Producer Rachel Duckhouse, Alan Craigie

Director Brendan Dawes