Pion has launched its first product, a GPU-based image processing system for outside broadcasts and live events.

LiveScene takes the live uncompressed feed from broadcast cameras, or an inbound compressed stream from ENG or event coverage and adjusts highlights and shadow detail, noise and poor colour or contrast.

The single rack system, which operates to a two frame delay, can be used to boost the performance of non-CCU cameras.

The system, which costs £20,000 per channel, has been tested by NEP with remote cameras at football matches.

Pion chief executive Kenneth Tang Laerke said:  “We’re the first company to bring a solution to market which addresses the image quality limitations of live television broadcasts.

“Today’s consumers expect their live viewing experience to perfectly reflect the in-venue or on-location experience.

“Sports federations, events rights owners and broadcasters are striving to protect and enhance the value of their content – to retain and attract viewers and maintain and boost advertising revenues.”

Pion was set up by chief technology officer Michael Jonsson and Tang Laerke, who previously formed Danish digital imaging photo software company Pixmantec ApS which was acquired by Adobe Systems in 2006.