Storage, archive and network systems company Pixit Media has teamed up with Google to make its PixCache and PixStor systems available as Google Cloud Platform offerings.

PixCache Cloud Render Gateway for Google Cloud Platform aims to cut the time and complexity of launching render resources in the cloud, while PixStor storage systems can now be extended into Google Cloud Storage without the need for any additional interfaces or hardware.

“Most of our customers are Soho-based VFX companies, and they have too many jobs and not enough resources,” said Pixit Media technical manager Barry Evans.

“It’s really attractive to be able to spin up render nodes in the cloud, and Google has done a good job of offering that. With our PixStor system, we can push all that storage and all the change data that goes with it into Google Cloud Storage and keep incremental copies of it.

“It’s a nice way of doing back-up.”