Provide finishing post on the Sky Arts drama

Post The Farm

Client Baby Cow

Brief Provide finishing post on the Sky Arts drama about a man who is crippled by a secret ability.

How it was done Senior colourist Colin Peters graded the drama on the Nucoda Film Master, creating a cool, industrial and futuristic guise for the Docklands locations.

Nucoda’s secondary colour-correction tools allowed cyan and blue tones to be injected into the drama.

Peters also used the Nucoda’s auto tracker of shapes to retain flesh tones, as well as applying vignettes and grads.

Dubbing mixer Tom Corbett mixed the programme using Pro Tools 10.

With Rhys Ifans’ character locked in an isolated world, Corbett’s brief was to bring the outside in, removing everything apart from the calls of a flock of seagulls as he stands alone in his office, highlighting his isolation.

Watch it Thursday, 9pm, Sky Arts