Polecam will unveil its latest system for the close-up filming of sporting events at BVE in February.

Three cameras - two of its Goalcam devices and one StadiumCam – together with two auxiliary cameras can be controlled from a single remote control panel.  The cameras incorporate individual data receivers allowing full control of camera functions, including motorised iris adjustment.  

Each camera has a 1/3 inch CMOS HD-SDI imager allowing the use of ultra-wide-angle lenses with high corner resolution.  Both GoalCams are fitted with 125 degree low-distortion lenses giving images of the entire goal mouth without the barrel distortion commonly experienced at such wide angles.

Polecam said that a key element of the Goalcam/Stadiumcam system is that it can be brought to site, installed and dismantled more easily than traditional heavyweight kit.

StadiumCam is equipped with a 170 degree fisheye lens and can deliver 1080i line resolution at 50/59.94Hz.  An optional downconverter is available to provide SD-SDI output where required.

BVE takes place 15-17 February at Earls Court, London.