Equipment hire and broadcast projects firm Presteigne Charter has spent£4 million on live and near-live technology from EVS.

Included in the agreement are XT[2] servers and several Multicam LSM, SpotBox, XStore, CleanEdit, Keyword Assignment and [IP]Director applications.

The kit will be used by broadcasters and producers covering sporting events including the Olympics.

The deal is split into an equipment sale for£3.5m and an equipment rental for£0.5 million. Shipment shall be completed in late June 2008.

Presteigne Charter, a fully owned subsidiary of Avesco Group Plc, offers services to the broadcast market worldwide including custom-built systems, the hire of high definition and standard definition equipment and digital radio camera systems.

The company was formed when the owner of Presteigne, Avesco, bought out the owner of the Charter Broadcast Group, Telecast Communications. When the£2.1m deal was signed, a further£6m was promised for further kit investment.

EVS Group designs, develops and markets professional digital equipment for television and cinema.