Prime Focus used its global rebrand event on Tuesday to unveil two technology innovations, including one for stereoscopic 3D content.

Prime Focus’ View-D is a proprietary 2D-to-3D conversion process that allows film-makers to create stereoscopic 3D movies from material shot on virtually any camera.

“Our approach allows the possibility of interactive creative sessions with our stereographers, similar to a DI, so it’s about giving film-makers the gift of time,” explained Chris Bond, president and senior visual effects supervisor at Prime Focus VFX.

“Film-makers can shoot a movie with a single camera on film, without having to be locked into digital cameras and potentially complicated stereoscopic camera rigs.”

At the same time, Prime Focus Technologies launched Clear, a web-based media asset management (MAM) service, and Clear Live, a package and creation service that produces VoD web, mobile and IPTV content from live feeds.