Quantel has released Red conform and import, a software update for the eQ, iQ, Sid and Pablo finishing and colour correction systems designed to help post-produce projects shot on the Red camera.

The new development removes the need to convert material shot before colour correction or finishing can begin.

It is being made is available for free to all customers already running Version 4 software.

“Our customers told us they are getting a massive surge in the number of post-production projects that are shot on Red,” said Mark Horton, Quantel strategic marketing manager.

“So Quantel fast-tracked the Red conform development, and we think it will make our customers the best place to post Red-shot projects.

“Red conform adds to our systems' ability to handle every aspect of the job - from editing and color correction to compositing and deliverables. Thanks to Resolution Co-existence our customers can freely mix material shot in other formats with Red material without the need for additional rendering or conversions, saving time and disk space and maximizing quality.”

Quantel's ultra-high quality sizing technology can be used during import and 4K originated R3D projects can be finished at 4K, 2K, HD, SD, or Stereo3D.

Last week Adobe and Red announced that they are beta testing an importer plug-in for Premiere Pro, Encore and After Effects that will allow the software to natively handle R3D files created by Red cameras.