Unit Post Production lost£25,000 worth of equipment when thieves broke into the Soho post facility on Saturday 26 April.

The intruders helped themselves to a brand new Cine Tal Cine Image screen worth£15,000, a Mac Pro computer and a number of fibre cards from one of the suites.

The thieves also attempted, unsuccessfully, to take parts of Unit's storage area network.

The break-in is the latest in a spate of robberies to have affected the facilities market and follows an incident at Soho Editors three days before Christmas when thieves made off with£30,000 of Mac equipment.

Managing director David Peto believes the thieves were familiar with the company. He said: “They knew which of our suites didn't lock, and targeted the premises when a number of people were out. They managed to steal kit within 10 minutes.”

Unit's Cine screen is believed to be one of only four in the country.