Ravensbourne College will move a step closer to its new Greenwich home next week when it appoints a systems designer, a move that will kick-start the process of technology procurement for the new end-to-end broadcast facility.


The higher education institution, which is designated a National Centre of Excellence for Broadcasting, is leaving its Kent home next year and moving to a purpose-designed £67m building close to the 02 Arena in East London.

The systems designer, who will be chosen from a shortlist of three, will play a key role in mapping out the technology and creative infrastructure of the building.

They will join the deputy head of the faculty of communication media Freddie Gaffney at IBC, a trip that will be used as a fact-finding mission before purchasing decisions are made in November and December.

Gaffney said he had “several million pounds” to spend and the plan is to combine technologies in innovative and entrepreneurial ways.

“It’s not often you get a completely blank sheet of paper, where you are building from the ground up,” he said. “It’s public money so we cannot be too fast or too loose, but if there are opportunities, we will really experiment.”

Once a systems designer is chosen, an EU tender process will be put in motion that will see the appointment of a systems integrator, who will be tasked with bringing the whole operation together.

The Bakewell House Consultancy is providing assistance with the procurement process.

The college will take hold of its new building in June 2010, with broadcast and IT installation to be completed by October 2010.