Red has unveiled the Raven, which is billed as the firm’s lightest and most compact camera to date.

Red Raven

The £3,900 ($5,950) 4K-capable camera, which will ship from February next year, is suited to documentaries, online content creation, indie filmmaking, and use with drones or gimbals, according to the manufacturer.

Red Raven is equipped with a 4K Red Dragon sensor that shoots raw footage - Redcode Raw - in 4K at up to 120fps and in 2K at up to 240fps.

It can capture raw content and Apple ProRes simultaneously.

Red Digital Cinema president Jarred Land described the camera as “a younger, hungrier, more ‘spirited’ member of the Red family with a bit of a chip on its shoulder, ready to take on the entire sub-$10k market with images that users will be incredibly proud of”.

The £3,900 price tag is for the camera unit – or ‘Brain’ – only, with complete packages for just under £6,570 ($10,000).

Red is offering a ‘Jetpack’ option for drones and gimbals which includes the camera unit, battery belt clip, Red Mini-Mag 120GB, 4.7” LCD, AC power adaptor, and DSMC2 outrigger handle.

The I/O package - which ships in March - includes the camera unit, Base I/O V-Lock expander, Red Mini-Mag 120GB, 4.7” LCD, AC power adaptor and DSMC2 outrigger handle.

Click here for the camera’s technical specifications.

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