Digital film camera rental company Rogue Element Films has vacated its Pinewood Studios office in order to set up a new base at Elstree Studios, and is planning to offer a stereo 3D production service.

The new digital cinematography facility will provide digital cameras, and shooting and production workflow services.

It will be the only supplier of digital film cameras at the Hertfordshire studios.

Alongside its Sony F35, Thomson Viper and Silicon Imaging SI-2K cameras, the facility will offer full digital lab services, a data pipeline to Soho for offline and proxy delivery of content, and a permanent green-screen for effects shots. In future, the company will also offer stereo 3D compatible studios that provide producers with a walk-in facility for TV, features and gaming.

“We wanted to take things further by offering the TV and film production community a dedicated green-screen studio, and a fully digital workflow and production pipeline,” said managing director and cinematographer Dan Mulligan.

“In the near future, we also plan to set up full 3D-compatible studios to offer film-makers more technological tools to add to their creative armoury.” The facility will become operational later this month.