Digital cinematography services company Rogue Element Films is putting the finishing touches to a new mobile facility that will provide support on location for HDcam SR and data-based camera shoots.

The Rogue Mobile Facility Truck will be ready to hire later this month offering full 2K and 4K recording facilities from high-end digital cameras, such as the Sony F35, Thomson Viper or Arriflex D21.

It will also record and protect footage on Red camera shoots by cloning compact flash cards, off-lining magazines and using Final Cut Pro to start debayering and processing.

“We are aiming for the high-end broadcast, film, pop promo and commercials markets,” explained cinematographer and Rogue Element Films owner Dan Mulligan.

“The truck could be used for single camera drama shoots or multi-camera set-ups for recording to HDCam SR or data. It will help to quicken offlining and enable instant playback of rushes in the full comfort of a warm mobile facility.”

Other features include a full playback facility with live grading and LUT (Look Up Tables) application via CineTal and a completely blacked out reference area in which to watch dailies.

The 3.5 tonne OB style vehicle will be available to hire with or without operators.