IBC 2014: Ross has launched the Streamline media asset and order management system for the company’s XPression motion graphics platform.

Streamline provides a searchable database of media and a set of workflow tools, and Ross said it would help to modernise a graphics workflow, “making it fast and easy to get the right graphical elements ready for air”.

Users will be able to drag and drop of elements from Streamline directly into XPression templates.

Streamline was described as an ideal companion for XPression, providing a centralised, searchable library of still and motion graphics and video clips.

Streamline requires the installation of a server, with users logging in to the system via a web browser.

Ross Video workflow solutions manager for XPression Patrick Twomey said:  “Streamline provides journalists with the ability to browse, repurpose, and manage assets.

“Often times, providing a self-service workflow to content producers can reduce the amount of time, touch points and delay it takes to get the asset they need to effectively tell their story. If the desired asset doesn’t exist, the tools to request assistance are available and status feedback is available through the entire process.

“Streamline is a great name, describing exactly what this system will do for your graphics workflow.”

Streamline begins shipping in November.

Furio addition

The company has also introduced a new addition to its Furio line of robotic camera systems.

Ross said the Furio Pedestal “combines an ultra-stable three-wheeled pedestal base with the well-established Furio 3-stage robotic lift”.

Ross Robotics marketing product manager Bruce Takasaki said: “With a wide stable base, large, double-wheeled casters, and integrated handwheel, the Furio Pedestal can be easily and safely manoeuvred around the set, gliding effortlessly across virtually any studio floor.

“The low centre of gravity, integrated cable guards and dual locking casters ensure that the Pedestal is always stable – whether in motion, or locked in position.”

The Furio Pedestal supports the Furio VR1 and VR600 pan/tilt heads.

It is also compatible with the existing Furio control systems, lifts, and VR-1/VR600 heads.

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