Camera equipment rental and facilities company Shoot Blue has taken delivery of a complete set of Zeiss Compact Prime CP.2 cinematography lenses.

The lightweight lenses feature an interchangeable lens mount that enables them to be used with both Canon EF mount DSLR cameras as well as all PL mounted cameras such as the Red One and Arri Alexa.

Shoot Blue joint managing director Jon Howarth, said: “Being able to use these directly on a Canon 5D MKII DSLR and have proper focus and iris control is the real deal-breaker with these lenses. The interchangeable lens mount is also a highly significant feature that will widen the number of cameras these can be used on”

“It’s also a coming-of-age sign that shows how seriously DSLRs are now being taken for moving image capture.”

As reported by TVBEurope a DSLR camera is currently being used for a drama to be shown on BBC Switch. The finale of the most recent season of US drama House was also shot using a video capable Canon MKII digital stills camera.

Shoot Blue is a London-based production equipment hire and facilities company specialising in Red, DSLR-Cine and other emerging high-definition tapeless technologies.