British manufacturer Snell and Wilcox has adapted its popular Kahuna SD/HD multi-format vision mixer so that it works directly with the EVS XT2 production server.

As another step in the manufacturing industry's quest to make its equipment interoperable, the integration enables the Kahuna switcher to control all channels of the EVS server.

This gives operators instant access to video clips and the ability to apply animations and other effects without having to go through a separate control

It also allows the Kahuna, which is both SD and HD capable, to mix existing SD camera feeds, graphics, handheld shots, and archive footage from the XT2 server directly into an HD broadcast without the need for outbound up-conversion equipment.

The linking of these two well-used products will help with the workflow of productions being made in a studio or using an outside broadcast vehicle.

“EVS is a leader in live production, particularly for sports broadcasting, a market in which we've had tremendous success with Kahuna. Therefore, the XT2 is a logical choice to join our portfolio of third-party solutions that interoperate with Kahuna,” said Joe Zaller, vice-president of corporate development at Snell and Wilcox.

The XT2, which is used in the UK by Presteigne Charter and Brighter Pictures among others, ingests channels of audio and video content from cameras, satellite and post-production workstations and makes them available for playback, live editing or transfer to local or central storage and archiving.