Storage Network Solutions is making a big noise about two of its new storage products at Broadcast Live and Video Forum.

The first is Ellipse Enterprise, a channel adaptor that allows Mac systems to be integrated into the storage set-ups at large digital media organisations.

“It is the only fibre channel HBA card that allows connectivity between OS X and enterprise class storage from people such as IBM, LSI, EMC, HP etc,” explained Simon Harper, SNS territory manager.

The Ellipse Enterprise driver can handle uncompressed HD video and up to 4K film resolution.

SNS is also showing Evo, a shared storage system for video workgroups.

Harper explained how it works. “Evo allows connectivity over fibre channel, gigabit Ethernet (iSCSI) and 10 gigabit Ethernet. It has a built-in fibre channel to gigabit bridge to allow clients - regardless of what they're using - to see all the volumes and all the storage.

“It also allows NAS volume to be shared out as well as SAN volume which allows you to do bandwith dedication whilst allowing concurrent access for many users via the NAS share.”

SNS is exhibiting on the New Media AV booth at Broadcast Live and Video Forum.