Sohonet has equipped broadcast advertising company Clearcast with a 1 Gbps fibre connection.

The broadband service provider has also installed its Automatic Failover solution, which Sohonet said would ensure 100% uptime.

Sohonet chief executive Dave Scammell said: “As demand for high quality VoD and interactive advertising increases, we are seeing more media agencies than ever before sign up for our Sohonet Media Network so that they remain ahead in the growing digital world.”

Clearcast chief technology officer James Morgan-Yates said the deal would allow adverts to be uploaded “faster than ever before”.

He said: “Sohonet’s solution has significantly optimised our services, such as Edit-to-Clear and Online Flash Test for all our clients, and has enabled a rapid turnaround on last-minute advert changes, alterations to super-imposed texts and resolution to problems regarding flashing images.”

Clearcast was set up by the UK’s commercial broadcasters to provide pre-clearance for TV adverts.