Sony is adding new file transfer capabilities to its SRW-5800 VTR with the introduction of the HKSR-5804 option board.

The SRW-5800 is a studio editing deck with HDCam SR recording and playback capability.

HDCam SR technology is used in TV and film production and high-end post-production.

Users who buy the new file transfer option board will be able to move Digital Picture Exchange (DPX) files over gigabit ethernet networks, allowing easier importing and exporting of 4:4:4 RGB content in high-bandwidth applications such as digital intermediate work.

The new option board gives the deck 2K or 4K uncompressed recording capability for media interchange, data back-up and archiving with picture monitoring.

Sony Professional Solutions Europe chief engineer Richard Lewis said: “With these new file transfer capabilities, this deck is suited to a broader range of HD and DI applications.”

Using the HKSR-5804 network adaptor the deck will support DPX RGB and Cineon 10-bit files. Transfer capabilities can be controlled through ordinary browsers such as Explorer or Firefox.

The HKSR-5804 option board will be launched at NAB in Las Vegas.