Equipment dealers have reacted warmly to new Sony tape and file based HDV kit by placing big orders for two new camcorders.

Sony launched two new HDV camcorders, the handheld HVR-Z7E and the shoulder mount HVR-S270E, last year.

Both record to CompactFlash memory cards as well as tape, have interchangeable lenses and can switch between HD and SD. They have many of the same features as the popular Sony Z1.

Ofir Mor, managing director of WTS Broadcast, which has ordered 180 cameras, said: “With this order we believe that there are more future opportunities for the freelance and videographer market as well, perhaps even with broadcasters themselves.”

The deals are:

  • WTS Broadcast has ordered 150 HVR-Z7E and 30 HVR-S270E. The company has also placed an order for the new HVR-M35E playback and recording deck.

  • H Preston Professional Video has signed-up for 100 HVR-S270E and 100 HVR-7ZE.

  • Creative Video Productions has ordered 50 HVR-Z7E and 20 HVR-S270. The company has also placed an order for 20 Sony PDW-700 XDCAM HD camcorders.

  • has purchased five Sony PMW-EX1 camcorders plus accessories to complete their current range.

  • Visual Impact has ordered 100 units of the HDV-Z7E.