IBC 2015: Sony has launched Media Navigator, an asset management platform for small to mid-level media companies.

The “user-friendly” platform will allow users to manage, distribute and archive assets.

Sony Europe Professional Solutions head of IT and workflow solutions Niall Duffy said: “Based on our research and the customer insight we have received, we know that companies of this size are often managing their media back-up on portable hard drives and using Excel as their database.

“This often results in displaced or lost files. Content is your most valuable asset, and now Sony is offering a truly affordable and reliable solution, that adapts to the way you work, to keep your assets safe and secure.”

Sony added that Media Navigator would integrate “seamlessly” with popular non-linear editors and that content could be instantly uploaded to sharing platforms such as the manufacturer’s Ci offering.

It will also allow users to browse and download content on the Sony CI platform directly from Media Navigator and integrates with Sony’s Catalyst suite of media preparation tools.

Media Navigtor provides internal encoding and decoding features from SD to 4K.

Media can also be archived onto removable Optical Disc Archive drives.

Media Navigator will be available from September.