Sony has revealed details of the next generation of its CineAlta line of high-end electronic cinematography cameras.

The F35 will be a 1920 x 1080p HD CineAlta camera with a single 35mm CCD image sensor. It has been designed to compete head on with Arri's D-20 or the Panavision Genesis which also use 35mm image sensors.

The F35 will also be superior to Sony's F23 which features a 2/3-inch sensor. The F23 was only launched last year.

According to Rob Willox, Sony's director of marketing for professional content creation products, the camera will "offer capabilities similar to the F23 including over and under cranking and very similar ergonomics - the common CineAlta platform experience."

Without a lens, the model will be priced around $250,000 (£125,000). It will record 10bit 4:4:4 at variable frame rates of 1-50fps, compared to the F23's 2/3-inch sensor and variable frame rates of 1-60fps. Like the F23 it will record to dockable HDCAM SR tape recorders.

Extend the line

"The F35 is designed to extend Sony's line up not to replace the F23," Willox added. "The F23 and F35 will address distinct production environments and both will comfortably co-exist together. We know that many customers are committed to 2/3-inch lenses while others prefer 35mm."

A limited number of early units of the F35 have already been released in Japan but wider launch isn't expected until late 2008.

Sony also confirmed it is working on developing a 4K camera system although this will not be available until 2009. "We are continuing to develop a complete 4K digital system based around our 4K digital projector," said Willox.

Sony is exhibiting at Broadcast Live and Video Forum this week. On show are its new HDV cameras and equipment, including the HVR-Z7E (handheld) and HVR-S270E (shoulder-mount) camcorders.

Sony's first solid state camcorder, the PMW-EX1, is also making its British debut at the show which runs until Friday 1 March at Earls Court in London.