Solid State Logic (SSL) will use IBC to show how its Gravity Mobile Record application can help professional journalists in the field to record and upload stories via a 3G mobile phone network.

As part of SSL's Gravity news production system, Gravity Mobile Record allows media to be captured and readied either for transmission or for editing.

When a camera is not available or cannot be granted access, Gravity Mobile Record can stream media back to the Gravity media store for inclusion in a current story or to be assigned to an editor or production team.

At IBC, the application will be demonstrated using HTC's next-generation business phone, the HTC Touch Pro. It will also work with any Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional-equipped phone.

It uses a simplified Gravity interface and enables the highest resolution images allowed by the phone and network availability.

Gravity then provides the tools for streaming and uploading files frame accurately.

Gravity Mobile Record is one of a number of new applications now available for SSL's Gravity platform, a content acquisition, management and distribution product providing encoding and transcoding tools for production.

Solid State Logic made its name manufacturing audio products for the television, film and music markets.