Update the titles of the long-running comedy

Titles Playdead

Client BBC/The Comedy Unit

Brief Update the titles so that they satisfy the core audience while ensuring that they don’t look out of place on a high-resolution TV screen.

How it was done Using a green screen, Playdead shot footage of characters Jack and Victor dressed in costumes reflecting different eras.

Depth-of-field was added in post through the inclusion of furniture, lights, ornaments and a fireplace, which helped create light and shadows.

The team researched period wallpapers used in Scottish homes to match the eras. Maxon Cinema 4D and Adobe After Effects were used to create the background and the morphing between eras.

Adobe Premiere Pro was used for editing, while the Arnold Renderer gave it a photorealistic feel. Kev McCrae and Jonny Harris were the creative directors.

Watch it Fridays, 9.30pm, BBC1