Liberty Bell creative director Stuart Prebble sees his latest venture as the chance for the public to create a long-term online legacy.

StoryVault, which launched this week, encourages people to upload their own stories and memories.

In particular, he wants it to be a place for children to interview their parents or grandparents and upload their stories to preserve them for future generations.

“It’s already part of the National Curriculum that kids should interview their grandparents,” he says. “There’s no better way of getting kids interested in history than to make them understand that someone they know was part of it. Interviewing them and uploading the information for posterity is a very 21st-century idea.”

Content on the site at launch includes an interview with the late Elizabeth Gladys ‘Millvina’ Dean, the last survivor of the Titanic.

Prebble and co-founder Simon Dore are also keen to feature some reflections on history from celebrities and broadcasters, with Al Murray, Tanya Byron and Dan Snow among those featured at launch.

Founders Stuart Prebble and Simon Dore