Scottish TV has invested in 25 Sony PMW-400L cameras for its local news service.

The broadcaster also purchased 25 Sony CBK-WA101 wireless adapters to support the news workflow across its five sites.

The equipment, along with eight PMW-1000 memory recording decks and four PMW-50 SxS Field Gear units, was supplied by CVP.

STV channels operations manager Sam Dornan said: “With five dedicated production sites across Scotland, and a wide geographical area to cover, easily integrating footage into the news production workflow is both challenging and vital to us.

“Sony’s wireless adapters will be instrumental in achieving this, but the proven XDCAM codec was one of the main reasons we decided to invest in Sony’s technology.

“The strength of the workflow that the codec enables means that our teams will be able to easily ingest, edit, and export their content as video files, crucial as we look to the future for our newsgathering teams.”

The initial move will see STV continuing to shoot its local news coverage in SD IMX50, using the kit within its Avid Interplay production environment.

The PMW-400’s compatibility with both the IMX50 and HD422 standards will allow STV to transition to HD.