Service includes human-edited transcripts and translations

3Play Media AI dubbing

3Play Media has launched a “human-in-the-lopp” AI dubbing service. 

The service combines human-edited transcripts and translations with AI voice-matching, followed by a final human check, to deliver dubs within days. At launch it is available in English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish with more languages to be added.

Videos are uploaded to the system through 3Play Media’s platform or automatically via API or integration, and on completion can be downloaded via the same options. It includes translation glossaries to keep translations standardised, and aims to preserve background noise.

3Play Media AI human dubbing

Josh Miller, co-CEO and co-founder of 3Play Media, said: “Outside of top-tier media, the economics and timelines of content localization don’t work for most companies, and frankly, the quality of fully automated dubbing is a brand risk for organizations trying to enter international markets. Global companies, emerging media, and publishers are looking to balance cost without sacrificing accuracy and quality.”

Fellow co-CEO and co-founder Chris Antunes added: “3Play Media is addressing AI Dubbing differently than the rest of the market - for the last 15 years, we have built our business on combining technology and people to produce cost-effective, quality captions, subtitles, and audio description at scale. We deeply understand the value of human-in-the-loop AI solutions, and are excited to launch an AI Dubbing product that organizations can trust. Unlike new-to-market solutions, we also have a robust platform, integrations, and API workflows that are designed for ingesting and delivering video assets at scale, making the user experience seamless.”