amper music beta

Amper Music is closing down its AI music composer. The beta software enabled users to utilise artificial intelligence to compose, perform and produce original music to any length and in a variety of genres. It was billed as the “world’s first AI music composer” when it first launched.

Amper Music recently raised US$4m of investment, increasing the total investment it has received to US$9m.

The future of the company is in its ‘enterprise products’, says a statement on Amper Music’s website.

Amper Music’s Drew Silverstein told Broadcast: ”I want to make it clear Amper isn’t shutting down. That couldn’t be further from the truth. We’re simply rolling out new products and giving users a heads up so that they’re able to prepare for it.”

The beta AI music composer at will be discontinued on 25 October and access to accounts and AI music projects will no longer be available.

Amper Music is encouraging users to download any tracks they want to keep before then.