The software provides no-latency multilingual subtitling for live streams

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Localisation, subtitling and voiceover platform CaptionHub has launched CaptionHub Live, a real-time AI–enabled, multilingual subtitling app for live streams.

The company says it’s being used by “the world’s largest companies for their flagship events”.

Tom Bridges, CaptionHub CEO and product owner, said: “In developing CaptionHub Live, we engineered solutions that resolved a number of issues that have hamstrung existing live captioning solutions – the world now has a truly resilient, no-latency multilingual live solution that underpin major flagship events.

“Owing to cost, organisations have to be selective regarding which events they opt to live caption — this treats subtitle consumers almost as an afterthought. These existing subtitling solutions are reliant on old and antiquated broadcast standards, most of which do not support multilingual subtitles.”

James Jameson, CaptionHub chief commercial officer, added: “Our patent-pending technology provides a level of cost-efficiency enabling our customers to subtitle more events, promoting wider accessibility and multilingual communication. CaptionHub Live provides true multilingual subtitling, fully synchronised audio, and we don’t alter the stream in any way which removes the stream risk present with other methods. The ultimate win for our customers is they can now broadcast their events and flagship events in 90+ languages in real-time at an absolute fraction of the cost and resource; taking their events to a global audience at the press of a button.”