The livestream, created by Little Dot Studios, will stream continually, documenting the entire mission, until 21 July

Little Dot Studios has reconstructed the Apollo 11 mission to the moon in a minute-by-minute livestream, as part of Channel 4’s digital campaign around the 50th anniversary of the moon landings.

The livestream (see below) has been created using the 50-year-old unedited audio feed between the astronauts and mission control. The visuals have been taken from archive NASA footage and still images taken by the Apollo 11 crew, as well as specially-created graphics and reconstructions.

The 124 hours of broadcast material will play out in real-time, 24 hours a day, on Channel 4’s YouTube channel and Facebook page from one minute prior to blast off.

The livestream kicked off at 14:31 BST today, exactly 50 years after Apollo 11 left the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. It will continue for the six-day journey to the moon’s orbit and subsequent moon landing and exploration. The livestream ends once the astronauts leave the moon on 21 July.

Tom Hemsley, creative director from Little Dot Studios said: “It took six days to get to the moon and we’ve never been able to appreciate that duration or sense the astronauts’ isolation in a single clip or edited TV documentary. In building the story as a continuous livestream that you can’t pause or skip through, I’d like to think we get a little bit closer to how it might have felt to watch the mission on television in 1969”.