The cloud native editing system has been approved as a green supplier for sustainable video editing and publishing

Blackbird updated

Cloud editing platform Blackbird has been approved by Albert as a green supplier for sustainable video editing and publishing.

The Albert scheme provides the media production industry with the expertise and opportunities to reduce the environmental impact of the production process. It also creates opportunities for audiences to engage with the climate agenda.

Last year, Blackbird launched a carbon awareness study in collaboration with environmental management consultancy, Green Element. This concluded that Blackbird generates up to 91% less carbon than other cloud-based and traditional on-premise video editing workflows.

Blackbird was also recently awarded the London Stock Exchange’s Green Economy Mark for contributing to the green economy, and it picked up the Environmental Sustainability Company of the Year 2021 at the IABM BaM Awards.

Blackbird’s customers include Univision, IMG, Deltatre, Sky News Arabia, EVS, Eurovision Sport, A+E Networks, BT Sport, NHL, Eleven Sports, Cheddar News, the U.S Department of State and 80 local US news stations with TownNews.

Albert sustainability analyst, Will Bourns, said: ‘‘We are delighted to welcome Blackbird to Albert’s sustainable supplier list. Their unique cloud-native video editing technology enables organisations to reduce carbon emissions compared to on-premise and cloud-based workflows. Blackbird is leading the way when it comes to innovating and developing sustainable media technology. They are a real asset to the industry’s reduction strategies and we look forward to supporting them on this key issue.”

Blackbird plc CEO, Ian McDonough, added: “Decarbonising production workflows is intrinsic to the DNA of all of us who work at Blackbird and it is a huge honour to be joining forces with Albert. The compelling data points Blackbird has in terms of carbon reduction at source can be of huge benefit to the industry as a whole if widely used by the production sector. Blackbird, Albert and others will continue to innovate and build awareness in order to effect change in the industry as a whole and ensure efforts to minimise carbon footprints are considered when productions are planned.”