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Broadcast is launching a two-day virtual Tech Fest, to take place on Wednesday 14 and Thursday 15 October 2020. The virtual conference is designed for the broadcast and production industry, and includes a mixture of compelling speaker sessions and practical case studies centering on the benefits of the latest tech innovations.

Throughout the two days of Broadcast Tech Fest 2020 you will hear debates about the latest and greatest creative production technology.

Using the virtual event platform Hopin, Broadcast Tech Fest 2020 will offer an interactive and engaging event experience, from the comfort of your home.

Hopin creates engaging and interactive virtual events, enabling people from all over the world to connect and learn, just like they would at an in-person event.

During Broadcast Tech Fest 2020 you will be able to hear from leading industry speakers, contribute insight with interactive polls, meet members of your industry community via Event Chat and much more.

 Attend Broadcast Tech Fest 2020 to:

  • Hear about the latest tech innovations from leading industry experts, all from the comfort of your home
  • See sponsors showcase their products and services within the virtual Expo area
  • Join and interact with your industry peers in break-out sessions via the Session Chat message function
  • Contribute insight and opinions with event polls
  • Create your own timetable of talks you want to see
  • Join the event conversation via the event Chat
  • Network 1-2-1 over live video chat and exchange virtual business cards

Broadcast Tech Fest 2020 - Agenda

Day 1 (14 October) Producing in Lockdown

You will hear from broadcasters, producers and post-production houses about innovations deployed by during the pandemic.

Broadcaster panel This session discusses the responses of different broadcasters to the Covid-19 crisis. It will focus on how, almost overnight, all broadcasters were forced to establish entirely new, complex remote production operations, and work with production companies to create new, compelling content in the most challenging of circumstances.

Post-production panel This session discusses the impact of the pandemic on the post-production sector. It will focus on how post facilities had to overhaul their services from office-based to predominantly remote workflows the moment lockdown hit.

Producer panel How did production companies adapt to survive the lockdown? With workflows transitioning to remote working incredibly quickly as soon as lockdown came into effect, how did this impact on the completion of projects, and the ability to continue production? What were the best examples of lockdown productions?

Studio panel How have studios coped with the sweeping changes demanded by the return to production post-lockdown? What do the new procedures for filming on-set mean for clients? How has tech helped enable these changes?

Day 2 (15 October) 5G, Connectivity & the Cloud

Connectivity has never been so vital than in the current climate. We speak to leading companies about their standout achievements around remote production, transitioning to cloud technology and the future of 5G.

The Covid-19 lockdown has had a radical impact on production and post-production workflows, with long-established ways of working rapidly transitioned to the new world of remote and cloud-based working. There are many positives to this approach during a pandemic and beyond, principally in having all your content easily accessible from any location, and not being tied to any particular building.

How have production and post-production companies managed the process, what are their plans for the future, and what are the pros and cons of aiming for entirely cloud-based working?

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