The post house promises professional results with its remote ’voice-over-to-picture solution’

Clear Cut Group - VO pack

Post-production house Clear Cut has created a ‘hire pack’ that enables professional sounding voice-overs to be made from home.

The ‘voice-over-to-picture solution’ (pictured) comes as a pack including a microphone, preamp and laptop, which is sent to the voice-over artist’s home.  

This is then remotely operated by the dubbing mixer, enabling the voice-over talent to concentrate on the script and their performance.

The director can monitor and feedback directly live into the session.  

Files are recorded straight to the suite for review, and locally for backup.

Printed scripts can also be delivered with the pack.  

Clear Cut says it’s “achieved great results” with the setup during the R&D stage, and “there has been an immediate uptake from the production community”.

Technical director Jess Nottage, said: “It was imperative that we delivered a solution that gave our clients creative benefits and ease of use that, as with all remote solutions, came at a price point that would work with an existing budget.”