Full post-production on Channel 4’s straight-talking doc

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Brief Full post-production on Channel 4’s straight-talking documentary.

How it was done This hard-hitting documentary follows The Guardian journalist Gary Younge as he travels across the US a year after Donald Trump was elected president. During his journey, he meets controversial characters, such as the self-styled leader of the ‘alt-right’, to try to understand more about their views. Younge explores how falling living standards, decreasing life expectancy and ‘a demographic time-bomb’ could make white Americans a minority within a generation. Clear Cut colourist Graeme Hayes, working with the production team, accentuated the bleakness of some of the American towns throughout the programme, desaturating the images to reinforce the harsh realities the documentary portrayed. He also further enhanced the feeling of decay in an old steel mill town by highlighting the rust colours. Due to the contentious subject matter of the programme, dubbing mixer Adam Wood ensured the audio levels during interviews were mixed to show no bias. He also used as much original sync and wild tracks as he could, to authentically represent the different geographical areas as Younge travelled across the country. The documentary was mixed on Pro Tools, while Izotope RX was used liberally to give an added clarity in the sync sound.

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