Male rape pr

Client BBC

Post Fifty Fifty

Brief Full post-production on this 1 x 40-minute doc

How it was done It is estimated that one in six men are victims of rape, but only 10% report the crime to the police. This film tells the stories of three men who are now breaking their silence, revealing a unique perspective on male rape in Britain today.

Colourist Max Horton, along with director Sunny Kang, decided, despite the subject matter, that the colour palette should not be downbeat or subdued, as the film was more of a celebration of people finding a voice. So Horton used heightened saturation and warm tones on the talking head sequences and kept the remaining film as natural and real as possible.

Once graded in Baselight, the sequence was then passed through to Julian Nelson for online in Avid Symphony with the Baselight Editions plug-in. This enabled a renderless, seamless transition between the systems. The shots were provided ungraded and with handles, allowing Nelson the flexibility to make editorial changes and clean up when required.

Due to the sensitive nature of the content, the audio dub was very straightforward, with the main focus being intelligibility. Senior dubbing mixer Gavin Allingham utilised RX6 where restoration was required on the location audio.

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