The studio complex, which is home to the Match of the Day virtual set, can now convert any of its studios into virtual studio spaces

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Dock10 has extended the virtual studios capabilities at its studio complex in MediaCityUK, Salford. The home to the Match of the Day virtual studio, as well as the virtual set for BBC BiteSize Daily, Dock10 has now added the camera tracking technology Mo-Sys StarTracker to all its studios. This enables each of its physical studio environments to quickly be transformed into virtual studio spaces.

StarTracker uses a random pattern of reflective dots (called stars) on the studio ceiling, which are used to track the position of the virtual camera to create the virtual studio environment.

Andy Waters, head of studios at Dock10, said: “Directors want to be able to work in different sized studios, to accommodate a range of performers, physical sets and mixed reality. To meet this growing demand from our clients, we took our experience with key enabling technologies like StarTracker, and super-sized it across all our studios.”

Michael Geissler, CEO of Mo-Sys, added: “Dock10 offers a unique capability in the UK – producers have the freedom to choose the size of studio right for their job, and put in it the technology they need. Virtual and augmented reality is an important part of so many productions today, from commercials to game shows, talent contests to sports analysis. By its very simplicity, StarTracker makes set-up for virtual production fast and easy.”