Plugin provides tighter integration with Baslight and Flame

Isle of Dogs

Isle of Dogs, which was graded on Baselight at UK facility Molinare

FilmLight has launched BLG for Flame at NAB 2018, a new add on that enables artists to see how their work will look with the colour grade applied.

BLG for Flame is a Linux-only plugin for Autodesk Flame that applies a Baselight grade automatically, either from Baselight Linked Grade files (BLG) or directly from a Baselight scene. 

In the current version of Flame (2018) colour corrections will be exported as BLG files to a directory, where ‘BLG for Flame’ will match the planes according to the time code and automatically apply the colour grade.

In Flame 2019 the corrections will be taken directly from a Baselight scene, even while the scene is staged in the full Baselight system.

As well as allowing the artist to plan the colour grade, they will also be able to produce graded work-in-progress renders for clients without the round trip of rendering out new images from the Baselight system.

“It will be a fantastic new workflow enabler and a boon for Flame and Baselight users, allowing artists to quickly apply the latest colour grade on their work-in-progress conform or compositing,” said Will Harris, Autodesk’s Flame family product manager.

PICTURED: Isle of Dogs, which was graded on Baselight