The software can upscale, denoise and sharpen archive content, ready for broadcast / streaming standards

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Filmworkz has launched Loki 2.0, an automated app that intelligently restores and upscales archive footage. The company says Loki 2.0 enables you to “bring content to the market faster, monetising previously unlocked footage”.

Filmworkz is the developer of Emmy award-winning DVO tools, which Loki 2.0 utilises to upscale, denoise and sharpen content, ready for broadcast/streaming standards.

Loki 2.0 has “easy to select” presets, a preview window, automated batch processing, and industry-standard deliverable exports.

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Filmworkz says Loki 2.0 can be used to process large amounts of data automatically, enabling you to add as many nodes as necessary for urgent projects or use fewer nodes and let the processing run over a longer timeframe to reduce your costs.

Preset options are available for tape-based media such as D1, HDCAM and Digibeta, and watch folders can be created and linked to specific presets to make it straightforward to render files based on the type of media you have.

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Gustavo Mendes, product manager at Filmworks, said: “We’re incredibly excited to offer this innovative solution to content owners. Loki can change the way broadcasters and archive holders monetise their content, helping to minimise risks and widening their selection of titles by reducing laborious processing costs. Being overwhelmed by your library selection without a way to enhance it won’t be a problem anymore.

“We can’t wait to see new shows brought to life using our tools being streamed to new audiences all over the world. Current enhancement solutions can be very labour-intensive, with the need to use many operators to work on a single show for several weeks doing extensive checks on the media available. With Loki you can easily select your files and use presets based on the origin of the media (tape based, film, etc.), use our preview window to compare before-and-after results and select the server available to render.”